Stock Vehicles
All Prices quoted are CIF to your nearest port or FOB Japan in JPY.
The CIF prices for any units larger than 16m3 are subject to change pending verification of the shipping rates, and can be verified by contacting our Account staff. A deposit of 50% of the total CIF on all vehicles is required prior to shipment, any delays in payment will result in the vehicle(s) being removed out of customers account after 7 days.
Release of all documents and invoicing is made after receipt of the remaining total 100% of the confirmed CIF or FOB price. There is no release of documents without full payment.
All prices are negotiable.
To negotiate price, please contact our account manager at
Auction Direct
To place bid on Japan Online Auction, we will need a deposit of 100,000Yen for every 1,000,000 value of the vehicle(s) to be purchased. We offer more than 150,000 vehicles per week priced CIF/FOB as per your account setting, which covers more than 85 auctions held in Japan every week.
All bids are followed by a phone call, by our staff who is at the auction, informing you the condition of the vehicle(s). You will be notified by email the result of your Unsuccessful and Successful bids.
Successful bids will receive a notice on the purchase price plus the FOB Fees , Transport Cost , Freight and the vehicle is moved to appropriate account.
Once the vehicle reaches our yard, Vehicle being photographed, Physically and mechanically checked. Plus all vehicle being cleaned. ( cleaned up exterior, interior as well as Engine room )
If there are any serious discrepancies and as long as the return is allowed under the rules and by laws of the auction, the vehicle will be returned to the auction with no charge to you. CIF or FOB price of any unit(s) larger than 16m3 are subject to change pending verification of the shipping rates/Inland Transportation Rates, and can be verified by contacting our Account staff.
Once the complete checklist with photographs are updated on the web-site, you need to make 50% deposit payment or within 14 days from the date of purchase, whichever is later.
Once we receive your payment, the vehicle(s) will be processed for shipment. Our accounts staff will update you regularly on the status of your purchase(s). The final payment is due after confirmation of shipment and prior to arrival.

For vehicles purchased directly from auction the following FOB Fee structure applies.
Cancellation of vehicles bought using Auction Direct
A cancellation fee of 100,000 Japanese yen will be charged for any vehicle cancelled within 1 hour of purchasing. If the vehicle is cancelled after the date of purchase,We will re-auction the vehicle and all losses will be invoiced to the customer that cancelled the vehicle.
Default Accounts
Customer Accounts, that are not paid in full within a reasonable time of 20 days, from notification of shipment are considered in default. We reserve the right to resell vehicles that have not been fully paid when due and charge to the customer all port fees, duties, customs charges, fines and other administrative expenses necessary to have the vehicles sold.
Retention of Title
Property or title on all vehicles supplied or delivered will not pass or transfer to you until those vehicles have been paid for in full and received by us.
If payment is not received when it is due, we or our agent or representative may enter any premises where the goods are and repossess them.